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 Discover the 5 Shocking Secrets on how to get the highest possible price for your HDB unit no matter what... 

HDB Prices have Rebounded!


What actions should you take advantage of?


Don’t miss out on this window of opportunity! 

For those who held onto their HDB units and have not sold it since 2013, their property has depreciated. It was only until recently prices have recovered after 8 years.


HDB prices in the year 2012 went up as high as $500K, before eventually dropping in 2018 till about $385K. This is easily more than a $100K Losses, but today's prices have improved and are reaching the $500K mark.


What if your HDB appreciation isn't catching up with your CPF Accured Interest after selling your house?  

....YOU might end up in NEGATIVE  sales!  


So How Do You Avoid Having Negative Sales For Your HDB

I have helped many homeowners over the years to swap their depreciating property into one that has higher growth. This will not only cover their losses but turn it into PROFIT in a few years to come so that they can grow their wealth and enjoy a better lifestyle.


Look at the following transaction...


Let's Take a Look at Some Real Life Examples 

HDB Owners at Choa Chu Kang, who upgraded to a private new launch at J-Gateway and made a very good profit margin of $300k as compared to keeping their HDB units in 2012 till now your price has either depreciated or stagnated.


These owners exited at the Right Time and eventually managed to make a profit from selling their HDB. In 2021, the HDB market has illustrated that it has returned to its peak.


So should you take advantage of the current rising property market or are you going to wait further for a future cycle?


Lastly,  the reason I am sharing this with you is because I see this as an opportunity now for many existing HDB owners to look deeper at their current HDB portfolio. To me this is a Window of Opportunity for you!


I  would like to offer you a chance to apply for a one to one property Assessment Call where I will work with you on a personalized property plan that you can achieve

If you want to get the highest possible price from selling your HDB, Sell in a timeframe that meets your needs and turning it into a money generating machine…or even if you just want to Keep your confidence and sanity throughout the entire process.

Click below to Apply

Discover the 5 Shocking Secrets on how to get the highest possible price for your HDB today!

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Client Testimonials 

Here are testimonials from people just like you who got results !


Jess Low 

My name is Jess Low and I am an expert on how to maximise profits from a HDB Sale.


I've sold multiple HDB properties for the past 10 years in real estate. By using my 5 Simple Steps Framework to guide homeowners to understand how they can sell their property at a higher price.


As a Real Estate Professional with more than 10 years of experience, I aim to help my clients achieve financial freedom and grow wealth through Asset Progression.


Every minute you wait is another minute the house next door has qualified buyers looking and you DON'T!

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